On The Path To Faith

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When asking for the vessel of bestowal, I can always see that I still don’t have it. Where is the place for faith here?

Answer: Attaining faith is very difficult. After all, it means crossing the Machsom (barrier separating us from spirituality). Faith is the attribute of bestowal (Hafetz Hesed), the property of Bina, the Light of bestowal, Hassadim (Mercy). A complete faith is the Light of Hassadim with the illumination of Hochma (Wisdom).

We are talking here about an exalted degree. In order to achieve it, we have to rise above our egoism, come out of Egypt (Machsom), break away from Pharaoh (egoism in us), and achieve the force (property) of the Light or bestowal. This is the beginning of faith.

Then comes the period of “forty years in the desert,” when we are attaining faith, the attribute of bestowal, building it above our egoism. Having completed this period, I receive faith that soars above all of my desires, above the entire Egypt. Now I can enter into the complete faith, receive inside the Light of Hassadim the Light of Hochma, His sensation, revelation.

That’s the entry into the land of Israel: Egoism (Pharaoh), corrected by the Light to the degree of the attribute of bestowal (Hafetz Hesed), is now working to receive from the Creator for the sake of bestowal. In other words, your desire is now aspiring straight to the Creator (“Israel” is Yashar [straight] – Kel [the Creator]).
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/2011, “Above Reason in Divine Service”

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  1. Since the Creator is the attribute of bestowal, and because faith is the attribute of bestowal, Faith is the Creator, right?

  2. So, the attribute of bestowal (Hafetz Hesed), is now working to receive from the attribute of bestowal (the Creator) for the sake of bestowal, right?

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