From The Means To The Cause

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the Creator’s help?

Answer: If a person tries to reach love and unity above hatred and repulsion, he will see that this is impossible. Good intentions turn to their opposite every time.

At first when making unsuccessful efforts, a person feels that this happens to him because of himself. Later the same efforts show him that the reason for it is a certain external force.

Then, by accumulating more new impressions, a person discovers that it isn’t some foreign force, but the Upper Force that directs him in this way and illuminates his negative attitude to others by means of various situations in life. That is how a person starts to reveal the Creator as the cause of the negatives and positives. He discovers that the Creator is the force that’s necessary for combining opposite extremes. Without His help a person cannot combine these two qualities inside him.

After that, this also turns out to be insufficient. It’s not enough that the Creator helps a person improve his sensation and arrange his life comfortably. Until now my bad attitude to others was unpleasant to me, but now I want the opposite: to use everything for connecting with the Creator. The combination of opposites has to happen inside the Creator and be completed only there.

That is how a person gradually ascends up a slanted ladder. At first he wants to put his Kelim in order, but then with their help, he turns to the Creator and finds the right combination with Him. Stage by stage, the right attitude to creation becomes apparent in a person: He goes from the means to the cause, from efforts to correct his desires to the realization of why he is doing this and what he achieves by it.

The goal is not to enjoy fulfilling your vessel, but to attain the upper root by virtue of your work. Then your attitude changes: By uniting Bina with Malchut, you discover Keter, the point of the letter Yod (י), which is the beginning of the letter Aleph (א), symbolizing our work and ascent up a diagonal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/6/11, Writings of Rabash

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