Everything Requires A Skill

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a working woman with children combine preparation for the convention with daily domestic chores?

Answer: I advise her to listen to our programs while doing domestic chores; she can do so by turning on our television channel or Internet site. For a woman, it is easier to accomplish: she can switch on the TV and continue working around the house. This alone puts a person under the influence of the right environment.

In addition, if it is possible, open my blog and read it daily; as much as the time allows, enter the Sviva Tova (Good Environment—the worldwide Internet connection) site and answer the questions. Usually, a woman’s time is more limited than a man’s; but if she finds the time for all of this, then she should try listening to Kabbalistic music.

If a person is eager but can’t find time to do more, then such conditions are arranged for him or her from Above, and it is enough for preparation. And the rest we will do together at the convention.
From the Introductory Lecture Series Kabbalah for the Nation 10/12/10, “Preparation for the Convention”

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