Everything Depends On Definitions

Dr. Michael LaitmanSince eons ago, all Kabbalistic books have described spiritual attainment, the spiritual world. However, their content was distorted by the public to fit corporeal definitions. Consequently, the principle of faith turned into blind faith.

“I believe that somewhere ‘in the void, a suitcase (substitute anything, including the Creator) is spinning around.”
“Have you seen it?”
“No, I haven’t; but I believe it.”

This is what the public calls faith: Somebody told me about something I have never seen, and I faithfully repeat after them.

One of the essential parts of our spiritual work is to discard the erroneous ideas of the masses about faith and religion and return to the authentic meanings of these terms: the wisdom of Kabbalah and attainment of the Creator. In his article “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose,” Baal HaSulam regards the wisdom of Kabbalah as religion, the method to get to know the Creator. Yet, in our world, it has been used to create various confessions and spiritual practices.

When we encounter a false idea, we have to perform a correction within, constantly returning to the correct definitions. “Religion” is the wisdom of Kabbalah, “faith” is knowing the Creator, the property of bestowal, the Light of Hassadim (Mercy). “Absolute faith” is living in full awareness of the Creator, the Light of Hochma (Wisdom), dressed in the Light of Hassadim.

“Faith above reason” is the path of bestowal above reception. I seem to be sailing in the waves of egoistic desires under the sail of bestowal that is cut out precisely for them while being opposite to them at the same time.

“Israel” are those who aspire directly for the Creator. All the rest are regarded as “the nations of the world.” Each of us, until we have completely transformed ourselves, lives in both of these states. “The King of Israel” is when a person is in the state of “Israel” and feels that the Creator rules within them. “The king of the nations” is when the Creator still rules in a person but not by the latter’s consent or with his awareness.

Everything depends on definitions, and we must know them by heart so that while reading the text, the terms automatically pop up in our consciousness.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/2011, “Above Reason in Divine Service”

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  1. upper words crack open into definition, definitions crack into words which crack into eventually letters etc. if the tree is broken but a bit, the root is lost! if a definition is corrupted, it becomes a wall on the path to the root.

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