Electrical Impulses Of Doubt

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If a person doesn’t have an opportunity to check whether his experience of the Creator and love of others is true or not, how can he scrutinize this?

Answer: People who wish to attain authentic scrutiny with the assistance of the Light that Reforms must actualize this method on themselves. But since all souls are mutually connected, everything that has been clarified by them is automatically transferred onto all others. And those individuals who are still satisfied with their fantasies will eventually begin to realize that all of them are groundless.

Everyone has their own fantasies and faith: According to some research, there are about 3800 various religions and spiritual practices. (I have no way to check but am willing to take it on faith :-D.) Only a great, mature egoistic desire that becomes increasingly expressed in humanity does not wish to take things on faith.

Moreover, since we are tightening up our circle and connecting closer together and since opinions travel from one to the other, with a more exalted idea ruling over the lower one, we thereby “circulate” the knowledge of Kabbalah and inject doubt in the hearts of all the others.

However, don’t ever try to convince anyone of anything in the external form. If a book on Kabbalah happened to fall into a person’s hands and they decided to read it, it’s great. We should also take into consideration that everyone reads it from their own perspective and finds resonance with their own opinion.

Therefore, we have to work on ourselves, and as a result, the increasing egoistic desire unfolding in the integral system of souls will be receiving “electrical” impulses. The Light we draw will be reaching all others, and they will start thinking in a new way: They will want to have knowledge in addition to faith.

There is no need to erase religious faith completely. If we add knowledge to it, it will turn into cultural traditions, and that additional knowledge will be the knowledge of the Creator, His revelation to the created beings. In the end, philosophy will perish, religions will become national cultures and customs, whereas the wisdom of Kabbalah will reveal the upper, eternal reality to man.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/2011, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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