A Play Of My Imagination

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I heard you say numerous times that everything that brings me hardships, offends or hurts me is essentially within me. How do I begin to feel and comprehend this?

Answer: When a true reality becomes revealed to me, I realize that I perceive everything within, and there is nothing on the outside. A notion of “outside of me” does not exist at all since everything occurs in my sensations, in my perception. And an apparent reality that I currently observe: the spaciousness of this world, the endless Universe, the Earth with its numerous details, all of it I perceive within. Hence, as I correct my general egoistic desire, this entire picture changes.

However, we don’t feel this in our world because we perceive reality in the desire that doesn’t change qualitatively: It only becomes bigger or smaller. Yet, if we transformed its main property, absorption into itself, into bestowal, we would feel our previous perception from aside and could judge what’s going on correctly.

It’s not simple. This is hard to grasp and impossible to feel. The switch occurs suddenly, only due to the Upper Light that gradually, drop by drop, acts upon us.

In addition to his or her regular qualities (Kelim), a person acquires new ones. This world does not disappear, but beside it, he perceives an additional reality, its other part. Only then does he understand where he is situated and truly senses that our world is a mere illusion.
From the Introductory Lecture in Netanya 12/12/2010

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