A World Without Borders

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When peace is established in the world, will the living standards be the same everywhere? At present, people move around the world in search of jobs; will everyone be able to stay in their own country and have a decent life?

Answer: When peace is established in the world, the world will disappear. As we know, “world” (Olam) means “concealment,” and it will be no more; everyone will ascend to experience the world of Infinity. Our current perception of reality will disappear.

But while we are undergoing the process of correction and perceive ourselves as living in the “world” or concealment, in a corrupted reality, the gap in the living standards of people will remain since our world is a projection of the upper world. To the extent that we instigate corrections in the upper world, which are adhesions (Zivugim) with the Light, we will experience the results in the corporeal world: either pain or joy.

If in the world of Atzilut we instill only positive processes, only discernments, and the process of correction is ticking like a correct clock, then we will feel just as good in our world. But we haven’t finished correction yet; hence, this world still exists in our perception and not all of its parts are equal.

When peace rules in the world, a person won’t depend on the place of residence any more. The world will be so unified, all in one thought, complimenting one another, that everyone will be able to find the place that suits him most, in accord with the upper spiritual forces governing various parts of the globe.

After all, the earth is the result of the upper forces being at work. I will suddenly feel which place suits me best and will move there because it will precisely correspond with the root of my soul, according to spiritual geography.

In time, motion, and space, I will perform only actions dictated to me by the upper force that leads my transformation. This is what we call peace and perfection. When we approach spiritual correction, we won’t need wars to gain some territories anymore! Everyone will know where he will feel the most comfortable and happy!

All borders will vanish, and each person will live in sync with the root of his soul, like an electron in the electric field, which adheres to the place where it is in balance.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/20/10, “The Peace”

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  1. I really enjoy when you share this kind of wisdom with us. It opens up a door to my mind that connects so many thoughts I’ve had about scripture and the true interpretations of those verses.

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