The “Graphics” Of Mutual Inclusion

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What happens at the Convention?

Answer: Something very simple happens there. Imagine that we are in some kind of box. It contains our desires, each of which must unite with the desires of others and become included in them. Suppose there are 24 desires inside the box; then each of them will have a force equal to 24.

This is the first level of unity, the first spiritual level, when each person includes everyone else inside him once: 24 desires, and each of them consists of 24. This is the mutual guarantee.

If we attain the state, then we become equivalent to the Light of Nefesh, which then fills us. Why? It’s because we have attained the state where we are all included in everyone, where every person loses himself inside everyone and each one absorbs everyone inside him. This is the first level of our equivalence to the Light.

I have canceled myself in relation to others and acquired their desires as my own. This is called “love your neighbor as yourself,” and thus I become equal to the Light of Nefesh, which fills me.

Now if we increase the degree of our mutual inclusion and bring it to greater depth, I will include everyone else inside me and every other person will include 24 desires (24 x 24). In other words, I go from a small system of mutual inclusion to a more inner, qualitative, and complex system. Then instead of the Light of Nefesh I will be filled by the Light of Ruach, and thus I will ascend to a higher spiritual degree.

This way, to the degree of our mutual inclusion in one another, we reveal completely different forms of mutual inclusion. In order to receive the Light of Nefesh, this took place inside a two-dimensional plane, but in order to receive the Light of Ruach our inter-inclusion acquires the form of a three dimensional space. Then I already have a completely different attainment, one that includes depth. Gradually our mutual inclusion turns into a multidimensional system whose form resembles a honeycomb.

People are not coming to the Convention to study, but only for their souls to become mutually included. This happens on the inner level and a person does not know how. For three days you are among a huge amount of people and this connection constantly works inside you.

It turns from a point into a line, from a line into a square, and from a square into various other forms, until it turns into a sphere – the symbol of perfection.
From the talk on 10/27/10

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