Nothing Can Be Revealed In Its Complete Form

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnce, there was a belief that it is the heart that pumps the blood through the entire body. But after some studies, it was discovered that this is incorrect.

It was believed that our heart needed to be an enormous and powerful “pump” in order to move the blood through the entire organism. After all, there are extremely thin capillary vessels in the organism, and we thought that only a huge, powerful pump would be able to pump through them, and only under the condition that the walls of the blood vessels will be able to withstand the pressure.

However, later the scientists discovered that the heart only sets the speed and nothing more. The rest is done by the organism itself. There are valves in the circulatory system, in the entire “pipeline.” As the muscles contract, the capillaries open the valves and allow the blood to circulate in the necessary direction. By themselves, they operate like a pump.

In other words, this entire circulatory network activates itself. This is a live connection, and, essentially, it is precisely this connection and not the heart that supports the functioning of the body. The heart only manages the process; it sets the rhythm.

From this we need to understand that when it comes to the system of connection of the souls, the entire job is laid on us. It is we who must make the connection between us come alive by opening and closing the “valves” at the right time, creating “pressure” in the right places in order to move the Inner Light (the spiritual life energy) between us.

When we bring life into this system though our search, our inner work, it’s only then that we reveal the life force in it. Before our revelation, this entire system is a spiritually dead formation, “a drop of semen” which is still to develop.

This is why nothing becomes revealed in its complete form; nothing prepared can exist. There is only that which we enliven. And the main principle is cooperation, the mutual guarantee, just like in our physical body.

From the Preparation to the Lesson 10/29/10

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  1. Yay for the bio fractal. Science finally is one with the spirit!

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