Does The Liver Have A Soul?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In his book Beit Shaar HaKavanot, Baal HaSulam describes that the upper soul (Neshama) is in the brain, the spirit (Ruach) in the heart, whereas the lowest soul (Nefesh) is in the liver! Could you explain this?!

Answer: Kabbalists use words of this world because everything there is in this reality descended from the spiritual world. That is why it is possible to describe the Upper Forces using earthly words.

We have no other choice since in spirituality there is no language, only forces. We can give them any names or even assign numbers to them. However, our definitions have to bear certain correspondences and be able “to speak to us.”

Kabbalists found an easy and wonderful solution: They use words that belong to this world to name phenomena Above. They perceive spirituality, sense its forces, phenomena, actions; they live there! They observe spirituality through this world as if it is translucent. They view powers that act behind each object of this world and behind the entire picture.

It is similar to looking through a transparent glass and seeing a spiritual force that is placed at the other end of my “visual axis.” I see a force that works behind each person and each action in this world, and, therefore, it is easy to find a connection between them. For me, they are the same!

Differences between them show up only relatively to an “observer,” a person who discloses them. He either divulges them through his five bodily senses or perceives them within five spiritual organs of perception.

Other than that, all phenomena are identical. After all, our world is imaginary, and we feel it the way we do only within our sensations. If we get additional organs of perception, we’ll see things as if they happen simultaneously on two parallel screens.

Then, everything gets clarified and we never get confused any more. We realize what “brain,” “heart,” “liver,” and “IburYenika Mochin” (conception, drawing of sustenance, adulthood) stand for. We recognize the spiritual meaning of all earthly words, such as “ascend,” “downfall,” “embrace,” “mating,” “left,” or “right.” They only have one meaning and cannot signify anything else.

We attain spirituality through our material world and sense it as its root. It becomes lucid and “apparent” to us, but the language that describes it has to be “borrowed” from this material dimension as if we “lay” a transparent film over it.

You used to see certain material images, but now you retain only their names that are further transferred onto a parallel screen in spirituality where they cling to the right places. You start using them without any confusion; you don’t have to explain their meaning to others since they, ascending to the spiritual world through the corporeal one, see the same picture and know what an illusion it is!

“Soul in the brain” means that the Light called Neshama (soul) dresses into a spiritual Kli (vessel) called “brain.” Beside the Light and desire, there is nothing else.
From the 3rd part of the
Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/10, Beit Shaar HaKavanot

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