All Changes Start Within

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Shlavey ha Sulam, 1985, Article 19, “Come to Pharaoh”: It is written: “Come to Pharaoh.” In other words, let us go together since I am coming with you in order to change your nature. And I only wish that you ask Me to help you change the nature and reform it from the will to receive to the will to bestow.

Our egoistic desire is small, and we haven’t realized yet the degree of our evil and lowliness. On the contrary, we think that we are quite good. The truth can be found only in the Light. When a person is awakened from Above, he starts seeking the purpose of his life, something beside the “beastly” existence in the body.

Then, with the help of the books and environment, he gradually discovers changes in himself. He is led out of the ordinary state of existence, and he advances while receiving various and frequently radical impressions.

Finally, he gets to realize that it has to do with a change in his nature. This understanding gains his focus starting with the moment when he begins to realize that his state is not as it is supposed to be.

For many years, a person may be listening to this and not hear it within. But the moment comes when he feels that he is the key and it is necessary to change his essence. At this point, the Torah or the method of correction of egoism tells a person about himself. Then, the person focuses on himself. He doesn’t wish to correct others and doesn’t’ get distracted by anything external. His attention acquires a reverse vector, and the person starts gazing inward.

Now he can use the method in practice. He already has a connection with it whereas previously he was connected only with general wisdom. It is written: “Trust the wisdom among the nations, and don’t trust the Torah among the nations.” The “nations” involve those who do not yet wish to correct themselves. And, contrary to that, a Jew (“Yehudi”) is a person who, regardless of his genetic background, has realized that he needs to achieve oneness (Yehud), the similarity of qualities or bestowal.

Having focused on himself, a person sees that until he changes, there is nothing to expect since all changes start within. Then he remembers that he had read about it in the Kabbalistiic texts before. From now on, he is connected with the method. It becomes dear to him for he feels that he depends on the source called the Torah, the texts, the teacher, and the group.

Only then does the person understand what these words mean: “Come to Pharaoh.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/10, “Come to Pharaoh”

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