Two Levels Of Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhoever has a desire that aims straight at the Creator realizes that the Creator is concealed inside the right interconnection between the souls. This connection develops in the group through two phases:

1. Ascent to the level of Bina, Hafetz Hesed, where a person feels like he is a messenger acting above knowledge.

First he attains the fact that he is ruled by egoism. How can he get out of this trap? He can do it with the help of an example that can only be received from the environment.

If a person accepts this example above his mind and feelings, this is called “above knowledge.” If he acts together with the group and contrary to himself, then he is making the right action, one that’s aimed at attaining and correcting the breaking. That is how one achieves spiritual ascent.

By adopting values from the environment instead of my own values, thoughts, and calculations, I evoke the influence of the Light upon myself because my actions correspond to the quality of the Light. Therefore I evoke the Light through the environment or through the system in which I restore unity.

That is how a vessel gradually forms inside me called “Hafetz Hesed” or “above knowledge.” As a result I use only the quality of bestowal, the force of bestowal, or the vessel of bestowal.

What does this mean? The mind and feeling are not mine. I replaced mine with those of the group and thus I am the friends’ messenger to the Creator. I accept and carry out everything they value.

It makes absolutely no difference to me what is inside the “package” and why it is being sent. I have just one concern: to reject myself and carry out their desire. That is how I ascend to the first level of mutual guarantee.

2. After that I desire to take a more active role that’s not limited by the functions of a messenger. I discover that I can become an intermediate link: not merely transmitting what I was given, but independently attracting and transmitting the Light.

This is the second phase – the return through love, above Bina. That’s when I reveal the illumination of Hochma and pass it on to others in the same net that I built on the level of Bina. I fulfill others with everything I am able to receive from them and then I begin to feel the goal of creation.

Through this work I attain the Creator and that there is none else besides Him. In the end I acquire the aspiration “straight toward the Creator” and become a guarantor for others.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/17/10, “And You Knew This Day and Return to Thy Heart”

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  1. I think that the relationship to the group has two faces. On one hand to relate to the group as a mother would relate to her baby and since on the onset the goal is common, to comply with the group’s requests as a mother complies to her babies desires. This will entice the person to grow because the mother also grows with her baby. She doesn’t stay the same person.
    On the other hand to relate to the group as if she is a child where the group is the inspiring source the one to give the strength to carry the goal..
    Both attitudes are done with love.

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