A Cry For Help

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does one attain the inner plea? Can one advance without it?

Answer: Naturally, there is no advancement without a cry for help. It can be attained solely with the help of the environment. Alone, a person cannot attain such desire. The plea has to be aimed at bestowal, I have to rise above my egoism, and this ascent is possible only through envy of the friends. Otherwise, what will I ascend over? How and to where will I jump out of my ego? I can’t pull myself out of the mud by the hair, or as Kabbalists said, “A prisoner cannot free himself from imprisonment.”

Only by working on unity do I lead my point in the heart from egoism in my desire to connect it with the others. I constantly increase efforts, motivated by the growing enthusiasm of the group through which I receive the Light that Reforms.

The Light expands through the spiritual system from Arich Anpin (AA) through Aba ve-Ima (AVI) and Zeir Anpin (ZA) down to Malchut (M). Malchut is the Shechina, the oneness of all souls. Since below the Parsa the souls dwell in the broken condition, there is no chance for them to receive the Light. Hence, we ascend to Shechina, the assembly of souls that yearn for unity and bestowal, and there, we receive the influence of the Upper Light. There is the place of our gathering.

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Question cont.: Is the cry a group action as well?

Answer: A cry is the result of the accumulation of collective efforts of the group. A person needs external influence to reach an individual plea. A combination of both is required.

In addition, a person feels that he is crying out from unity. In fact, he is not demanding anything but unification; he is not praying to be spared from problems, but for the property of bestowal. His cry is personal, but it is aimed at unity, connection with the others and the Creator.

Such are the laws of the spiritual world, the place where we connect above egoism.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/1/10, Shamati #38

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