A Simple Formula Of Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe reality in which we exist has no time. All of the changes of time, space, actions, and everything that happens to us including our own transformations are all based on our changeable sensations, while nothing changes outside of us. We would not feel any changes without the changes in our desires and intentions.

In reality there is nothing but the desire with intention and opposite to it, the Upper Light that remains at absolute rest. As this desire changes, it experiences different forms and shapes. Presently, we are experiencing the sensation of ourselves, and this is also the desire that perceives itself this way.

This desire goes through different states, one after another, in the order of cause and effect, from the beginning of its development to the end. This entire development is only realized in relation to the desire; there are no changes outside of it.

Therefore, the entire wisdom of Kabbalah speaks only about the way the desire perceives its reality: the location of this desire, why it is there, and who it is connected to. This is its entire life. The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals to us all of the events that happen to the desire, explains this entire process and especially the last stage of the desire’s development.

This last stage is a conscious step, when the desire develops together with its intention and they attain a state where they begin to perceive their own reality. A certain force arises in them, a special property of perception, which enables the desire to rise over it and watch itself from an external and objective point.

Then the desire establishes that it actually exists; it changes and moves towards something, existing in connection with someone unknown for now, and there is a purpose to its development. It begins to think about the future state which it does not yet see.

All of this happens because the so-called “point in the heart” develops in the desire on the last stage of its development. From this moment on, the desire begins to identify itself more and more with this point; it connects with it, values it, and moves outside of itself more.

In other words, instead of paying attention to the things that the desire has or doesn’t, to the degree to which it is filled or empty, it begins to see fulfillment or its absence as the means to identify itself more with the point above the desire referred to as the screen or intention, Creator, or unity. This is how the desire develops.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/29/10, Shlavei Hasulam, Article 25, 1991

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