The Main Condition Of Advancement

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf I don’t have support from my friends in the group, then I cannot advance spiritually. At the very least I must have passive support from the group to the extent every person is able to provide it.

That’s why the great Kabbalist Rabbi Yossi Ben Kisma was able to be in a small group of students who, like babies, aspired to him, and this was sufficient for him to advance. If he aspired according to his level, and they aspired according to their level, this was enough for him to attract the Light of Infinity through them.

The Light is at absolute rest. It is the same everywhere and everything depends on the person using it. Therefore, there is no difference between a small group of beginners and a large group of advanced students. Everything depends on a person and how much he really aspires to the mutual guarantee. To the degree he puts efforts into the group, he receives what he needs from the Upper Light. Therefore, he advances and helps others to advance as well.
From the Lesson on 9/17/10, "Mutual Guarantee"

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  1. I said it once again but i dont understand putting effort into the group and receiving help in returm. I sometimes feel somebody or somebodies physically near me even in the same room when things are not going so good. They are always helping me when things dont go good like today but i dont remember putting any efforts into the group. I think there is a leak ..i am getting help although i dont see myself doing such things to other people when they are not feeling good.

  2. Every time I hear about the need for mutual guarantee and arvut in the group I think “that only applies to the men, but I sure wish it applied to women too so I can practice and experience connecting with others also, it is such a pleasure loving and caring for others as myself”. Am I wrong thinking that way? Can I focus my practice on loving the others in the group as myself and not only on giving that desire to unite to the men among men?

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