Replacing The Creator In His Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are no merits or transgressions, ascents or descents. We simply need to go through a chain of states in order to build a big desire (spiritual vessel) within ourselves and accept all the goodness that the Creator wishes to give us. It is for this purpose that we go through many different states both in our heart (feelings), where we feel bitter or sweet, and in the mind, where we sense false or true.

We constantly get confused between analyses in the heart and in the mind, between sweet/bitter and true/false. We are thrown in one direction and then the other. However, it is precisely this that helps us build a perfect desire and a clear mind.

A person is not born a hero ready for the mission that is placed upon him. The Upper Light creates only a single point “from absence.” It differs from the Light only in that it has a desire to enjoy instead of the Light’s desire to give pleasure. However, a person needs to develop all the other qualities within him on his own, through understanding and sensation, and that’s possible by him being connected with the Light that acts upon him.

Only then will he learn and feel everything that exists in the Creator, the Light, and will become the same as Him. The state of the Light is perfect, and the plan of creation supposes that the creature will also become perfect, like Him.

In other words, the creature, initially being just a point, has to receive a series of impressions, pleasant and unpleasant, clear and unclear. Eventually, the creature reaches a state where it truly feels and understands everything and is then able to replace the Creator in His work.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/17/10, Shamati #52

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