The System Of The Future, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: We have a lot of sites that already provide information about us. But you recently mentioned that now we are entering a completely new stage at which our potential Internet user not only gets information, but also “absorbs” the atmosphere that is present in our organization.

My Answer: Our goal is to transform our studies of nature around us into a game, into something similar to Tamagotchi. People went crazy about this game! They worried about “not feeding” their “pet” on time, or about “not putting it to bed.” People were troubled and went wild. This “egoist” (Tamagotchi) “demanded” more and more from them.

We have to invent a similar game that will convert my environment into my pain, turn it into “my baby.” I have to depend on it, love it, and take care of it because it is the most important thing in the world to me. It’s like a child is to his mother. No one exists in this world for a mother except for her baby. She was created like that by nature. Our task is to attain a similar state on our own.

However, we are unable to achieve this level by ourselves. We have to get into a state where we wish to reach this level, but also realize that we are unable to do so alone. This will necessitate the attraction of the Upper Light, which in turn will correct us.

We should reach this state by playing a game, which, in itself, does not really attract the Upper Light. The Upper Light is attracted by our desire. The connection between us has to be “shaped” into a game that inspires us and provides us with a sense of importance and necessity of spirituality. Other people participating in the game should attract, alert, and pull us up; we should be experiencing jealousy, anger, and greediness with regard to what we are still lacking and that others have already acquired (the aspiration to the Upper Level).

We have to create a regular system that has nothing to do with spirituality. It should be some sort of a “logical, psychological structure” similar to the Tamagotchi or the many other games that could be found on social networks. Of course, it should be an “intelligent” system that can regulate itself, survey its users, and know who they are. It’s our obligation to work on it.

In general, it’s a model for the future of society that is already available for us to communicate through. But there is a big problem. How do we attract and involve people in it?

People from our world group are extremely busy. They work, study at night, and don’t get enough sleep. Where will they find time to hang around on our site? When do we create an integral and harmonious future society? Where do we find time to work on it? Does a regular person have enough time to visit the site? Or do we obligate them to visit it for a couple of minutes a day? Will it be enough and useful?

We don’t have time to deal with it. Maybe we have to include our morning lessons (the core method of communication between us) into this system? Or do we somehow “filter” our work, our life, and the connections between us through this system? So far, it is not clear how we can achieve this goal because we all are way too busy.

People outside of our groups (the general population) do have a chance to use the system. But even when it comes to non-Bnei Baruch members, I am not quite sure how to involve everyone into our system of communication. That is the question: HOW?

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