Viewing The World In The Distorting Mirror Of My Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: How do I fight the tendency of the daily Kabbalah lesson becoming just a habit?

My Answer: This is a problem. Habit dulls the taste and breeds a frivolous attitude, thereby ruining everything. We should fight this tendency together. Otherwise we won’t be able to accelerate our development and will have to wait for the spiritual breakthrough for years.

It is impossible to change this system for it already exists. You are already connected to it; now you only need to actively participate in it. To the extent of your involvement, you will see that all the friends that you previously considered uncorrected, in fact, constitute a corrected system with you as the only uncorrected part.

You don’t want to connect to this system, and so it displays to you other people that seemingly exist around you, each with their own desires. But they don’t really exist. You will suddenly feel that you exist within a rigid system where only you have freedom of choice: whether or not to awaken to spirituality so as to awaken them and they, in turn, to awaken you. These are the laws of this system, and you are the only one with free will.

However, as you are not yet willing to connect to it, a play is staged especially for you: friends, lots of people, this whole world around you, this whole mess in life…. You were given an opportunity to organize these forces around you, so that they would awaken you to spirituality via external influence. Start making use of your inherent envy, hatred, and ambition; envy others, love them and hate them, awaken yourself with all the means and all the qualities given to you.

This is why the Upper system of Malchut of Infinity appears to you as the world that you presently see around you. What, did you think it existed up in the sky somewhere? It’s not somewhere out there, but right in front of you, only your defective vision twists it to this.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/23/10, Article “Concerning Love of Friends”

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