Whom Do We Pray For?

Dr. Michael LaitmanA Question I Received: For whom do I request the Light that Reforms? Is it for my corrected friends, as it were, or for myself?

My Answer: A person’s request comes out of the depth of his inner need, his desire. The desire has to be for the society. Indeed, if we are talking about attaining spirituality, there isn’t any individual reckoning with anyone there.

There isn’t a case where I exist in the spiritual world. I is the collective of the souls that includes me. Therefore, one can’t remain there alone in separation from the others. So, for what life does one asks for strength? Strength of life is for the common body of the unified soul. Hence, one has to request the strength in order to give it to this body. All his life is defined by how much he gives to the common system.

Therefore, even if one’s prayer is motivated by the will to receive strength, it’s a prayer to have the strength to bestow to the common body of the soul. This is why, whether he’s asking for everyone or for himself, it’s the same prayer.

When we say that there’s “a prayer of one” and “a prayer of many,” it’s still an uncorrected prayer. There is no other prayer but the “prayer of many” which is the prayer for the society. However, as long as a person isn’t in the fully corrected state, he asks partly for himself and partly for the society. According to this, he gets reformed and corrected in his aim so that he begins to feel where it’s better and where it’s worse. In this way, he is led to the correct prayer.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/24/10, The Zohar

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One Comment

  1. One always desires that the Society be good and help others in all ways.
    Are people, in our present society helpful ? No.

    Some are helpful, a few good but generally all expect, here in Asia, some
    benefit or reward for such a help or favour given. These have become like
    blood suckers.

    How do we pray for them to change? If these people change and see the Light
    in themselves and others, it will be a Happy place to live in.
    Its a difficult task. Can a few of 10 change thousands?

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