Discontent Is A Catalyst For Development

Laitman_068The difference between the Light and the desire compels us to move forward. When the Light fills the desire, we (the desire) calm down. We are pacified so much so that we are unable to move because we don’t feel the need to; we don’t feel any lack whatsoever. We begin to worry and strive for inner balance only to the extent that the Light differs from the desire.

We strive for balance both in terms of its quantity and quality. When the Light created the desire to enjoy and filled it (Phase One, Behina Aleph), the creature did not feel any problems since the Light came first. Only afterward does the difference emerge between Behina Aleph filled by the Creator and the Creator Himself.

A certain addition occurs. The Light begins to introduce new properties into the original desire, and the creature starts sensing the source of pleasure. “There is someone who fills me! It’s higher than me, it comes before me. It’s someone who gives; it is my Maker, the Creator.” Thereby an additional sensation is introduced into the desire of Phase One. This sensation forces the creature to compensate for it; it compels us to develop.

Discontent - An Engine of Development
The kind of “friction” determines everything. In Phase One, Hochma, the friction was the sensation of the Upper One. In Phase Two, Bina, this will be the sensation of insufficiently realizing the desire to bestow.

Bina wanted to give, became filled with the Light of Hassadim (Hafetz Hesed), and therefore didn’t want to move anywhere or do anything. But then felt: “The Creator is truly giving, and what do I give?”, which produced the feeling of discontent. Hence, movement starts, which leads to a new state. In this way, the incompatibility between the Creator’s and creature’s properties, the Kli and the Light, the desire and fulfillment, brings about constant movement or development.

From the Evening Zohar Lesson 4/29/10

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  1. What an awesome explanation of the discontentment felt by many.

  2. What happens when the individual feels tortured,and what should he give,or do?

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