The Secrets Of Creation Take Shape In Contradiction

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: Why does a person possess properties that make him think, understand and act differently?

My Answer: Otherwise we wouldn’t be independent. We have to include within ourselves two opposites, the Light and the darkness, and they have to co-exist within us. Otherwise, we won’t become similar to the Creator. We have to keep our “own” properties and at the same time be similar to the “Creator.”

The more we advance the bigger these two opposites become within us. They rise up like two monsters. In fact, they constitute two lines, two pillars that extend from Above, from the Creator, onto us.

All our confusions, worries, problems, hesitations, and fluctuations from side to side, from left to right are meant to outline our new shape using the desires to receive and to bestow. The contradiction between material and its shape will remain in place and will only grow larger. In the opposition of these two properties within ourselves, at the border which divides them, in the endless separation between them, is where we reveal all the secrets of creation.

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