Switching Our Operating Program

Dr. Michael Laitman We need to understand that someone from Above is playing with us. Now I perceive myself as something that is most precious. However, I am simply programmed to perceive in this way. There is nothing special or unique about me. I was just created to care most about myself. A program was instilled in my internal apparatus that makes me fixated on myself; thus all the time, just like a robot, I care only about myself.

Yet really this program is really more alien to me than something I perceive to be outside of myself. It is important to discern that this internal program is operating me and to understand that it’s completely opposite to the truth. We have to try to move to the outer program. We have to build the outer program ourselves. Building this means that we return to the act of creation.

We, instead of the Creator, begin to act. We use His power of Light to program ourselves in relation to our outer desires (Kelim), in the same way the Creator programmed us regarding our current desires. We perform the same work. In so doing, we study what the Creator has done; we obtain power over reality, and become as wise as the Creator. We acquire the same perception.

Although this work is called “above reason,” it doesn’t mean that we perform it without any mind. On the contrary, I constantly check what the Creator has done in me, and now I have to transfer it outside of myself. However, I have to learn about my ego gradually because, on the inside, I work “above reason.” The Creator programmed me to constantly take care of myself, but through this work, I check and see that it is so artificial, unjustified. I see that on top of being useless, it harms me. Hence, I use this to learn how to switch the program to the opposite direction – from inside to outside.

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