Where Is The Real Me?

Dr. Michael LaitmanUntil we limit ourselves according to the conditions set forth by the Second Restriction (Tzimtzum Bet), we continue to live without a screen and stay “shattered.” That’s why we’re subject to the influence of the First Restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph).

It’s mandatory to bring our desires into compliance with the conditions of the Second Restriction, the state we were in before the shattering of the vessels occurred. The desires that are associated with these conditions symbolize the “exodus” from ourselves into other souls. Who are those “other souls?” They are my own desires that were cut off from me as if I had already been circumcised. It wasn’t me but my Upper Father and Mother (Aba ve Ima) who performed this circumcision on me before I even started to sense myself, my soul.

Since anyone who lives in this world has to reach the correction, Aba ve Ima decided to facilitate this task for us by cutting our spiritual vessel into two pieces: our inner and outer desires. This was in order to give us a chance to work with only our outer desires and thereby prevent us from making a mistake.

Hence, our world is clearly divided into two parts: me and the world outside of me. Even though my inner desires seem more important to me, I still have to work on my outer desires since they are my desires of the higher, “speaking” level. Staying within my desires, I have to learn how to make a preference toward the desires of others which means that I correct myself and work with the desires at the level of the Second Restriction.

The desires of the Second Restriction are located outside of me whereas the desires of the First Restriction stay inside. My whole desire is split into two parts, outer and inner, and it really is of great help to me.

We have to be grateful to the Creator for granting us the dual perception of reality that shows us how to act and how to avoid making mistakes. Our desires at the Second Restriction level have been cut off from us and clarified already: they constitute the reality outside of us. Our work consists of changing our attitude toward an “outside part” of us and enhancing its importance with the help of the group and the Upper Light.

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