Two Angels On The Same Path

upper The Zohar, Chapter “Ve’Eleh Toldot Itzhak (These Are the Generations of Isaac),” Item 172: Because Jacob trusted the Creator and all his ways were for His name, his enemies made peace with him. And Sam’el, who is Esau’s authority and strength, made peace with Jacob. And because he made peace with Jacob, he thanked him for the blessings, and then Esau, too, made peace with him.

But as long as Esau did not make peace with that appointee that was appointed over him, which is Sam’el, Esau did not make peace with him. This is so because in all places, the strength below depends on the strength above. And as long as the offender above is not weakened, which are the ministers appointed over them above, it is impossible to weaken the offender below in this world.

It is forbidden for a person to think that there are forces that work against him, forces that resist the work of the Creator and do not want a person to reach the goal of creation. There is no such thing. All forces, both the right and the left line, work together for the same goal. We believe that evil comes to destroy us and lead us astray, but it’s not true. Evil exists to show us our mistakes so we can see when we are doing things that are opposite to the goal. It is the mission of both angels, evil and good, to accompany a person on the path to the goal of creation.

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