The Zohar Is The Entire Light

Dr. Michael Laitman The Zohar, Chapter “VaYaera (And The Lord Appeared),” Item 61: …“And the wise shall shine as the radiance of the firmament.” Thus, with the correction of the firmament, the Parsa, KHB TM de Atzilut were split and divided, and twelve Partzufim emerged from them.

  • Keter was divided into four Partzufim: Atik and Nukva, AA and Nukva.
  • Hochma and Bina were divided into four Partzufim: upper AVI and Ysrael Saba and Tevuna.
  • Tifferet and Malchut were divided into four Partzufim: the great ZON and the small ZON.

Hence, these twelve Partzufim are called “The radiance of the firmament,” since they were made and came out by the force of the firmament.

  • The first radiance is the radiance of those who shine in the lighting up of the radiance.
  • The second radiance is the radiance that shines and glitters to several sides.

The first radiance is Partzuf Atik and the second radiance is his Nukva. Atik himself is from the unmitigated Malchut, above the firmament, which is not fissured. However, this Malchut is the root of the mitigated Malchut, and she lights the lights of Bina after they have been quenched. It is written about the importance of Partzuf Atik that his radiance shines with the lighting of the radiance. It lights the radiance of Bina, which is the root of all the Mochin, and had it not been for that lighting, there would have been no Mochin of Gadlut in Atzilut.

He adds about the importance of Partzuf Nukva de Atik that she lights and shines both in the unmitigated Malchut and in the mitigated Malchut, since she has already been established with the firmament, having been fissured. For this reason, she shines to all sides….

The Zohar is the entire Light that comes through Atik and Arich Anpin to ZON and enters Nukva. The souls that ascend from the worlds of BYA and enter Malchut of the world of Atzilut reveal that Light there. Hence, it’s called Zohar (radiance).

We put this entire system in action with our desire, intention, and prayer (MAN) when we study The Zohar. Our request ascends, reaches Atik, and, from there, a Light begins to descend to us called The Zohar. This Light corrects and fulfills us as well as supports and activates this entire system.

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