Coming Out Of Exile

moral People often ask, “Why am I studying for so long and putting in effort, but not receiving revelation?” The fact of the matter is that the state cannot change while that is what is still important to us.

People should ask: What is my attitude to spirituality? Do I consider it just an addition to my material life? Am I willing to settle for this life, or do I feel that I am in exile? The feeling of exile is unpleasant, and a person instinctively draws away from it. We don’t want to think that our lives are spent in vain and that time passes without any result. We try to forget about this, or we begin to eat ourselves up without doing anything to change.

However, the feeling of being in exile does not come from feeling bad in this life. It comes from the fact that spirituality is so important to me that I aspire to it in spite of having a pretty good regular life. After all, anyone can criticize his life, but mere criticism has not brought anyone to the spiritual world. It is paramount to realize the importance: of spirituality, of achieving the sensation of the Creator, of merging with Him, of feeling bestowal and love for the neighbor, and of attaining the connection between us within which we can reveal the Upper Force.

In other words, we can only run away from exile if we feel the importance of salvation. The word “salvation” (Geula) differs from “exile” (Galut), as it is written in Hebrew, by just one letter: “Alef,” which means “the Creator.” If we begin to value and desire the connection with the Creator, the force of bestowal, and love for the neighbor, it indicates that we have reached the right preparation and the exit from exile is really happening.

We also need to understand where it is we want to exit to. We prepare for this by correctly imagining the spiritual state. If a person correctly imagines spirituality as bestowal, love, connection with others, connection with all other parts of the universe within which the Creator is revealed, then he becomes worthy of coming out of exile and being free.

Then the exit occurs quickly; we only need to attune ourselves correctly. We can’t just run away from an unpleasant life; we need to work on receiving the correct and clear impression about spirituality and desire it. The exit from exile depends only on feeling the importance of the quality of bestowal.

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