You Can’t Cheat Your Way Into Spirituality

cheat If we don’t correct something inside of us in time, then this “tail” keeps dragging behind us and greatly complicates our lives, like a heavy burden we are carrying. For example, what did a newborn baby do to suddenly receive so many problems and suffering in this world? The matter is that the baby is born into this world with all the “baggage” of the past, all the things he went through and did not correct in the previous lives. All of this becomes revealed to us because we will have to correct it at some point or other. It’s impossible to “skip” anything.

For example, suppose I was a bad student in first grade and I am now starting second grade even though I don’t understand half of the things being taught there because I missed that material in first grade. The teacher tells me, “You have to make up for everything you missed before. Go and fix it quickly now. You have to, since otherwise, you won’t be ready for second grade.” But how can you even tell what you missed in the previous grade?

This is now being revealed to you. But how can you tell what happened to you in the previous lives if you can’t even tell whether the things that happened to you yesterday were good or bad for you? You can’t even judge the present moment correctly. Yet, if you are not attentive enough to the present moment and are unable to discern and correct your attitude to see that “There is None Else Besides Him” and “He is good and does good,” meaning that you are unable to stay in the middle line, which is the line by which one ascends, then you will have to correct this later on.

Don’t think that you will be “pardoned” from Above for everything you didn’t do. You won’t be able to ascend that way since all the levels are connected by a chain of cause and effect. So how can you predict the levels that lie ahead if you didn’t understand what happened on the previous levels?

In our world we simply don’t feel how absolutely interconnected and predetermined the system is. But in the spiritual world there can be no doubt about this because the system was created by the Light that entered the will to enjoy and expanded it, building an entire universe out of one point.

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