The Countdown To The Congress Has Begun

precious We have to keep in mind that we are all in one “boat” and part of one common soul. Everyone has to understand that the gathering that will take place at the forthcoming The Zohar Convention 2010 , like all gatherings of a large number of people who aspire to spirituality, is a gift from the heavens.

The Creator has given me an opportunity to take part in this special event where parts of my own soul come closer to me. If I relate to them in this way, with the understanding that I have been placed in an assembly of souls closest to me that are willing to unite with me, and if every individual as well as all of us together think this way, then it won’t be difficult at all.

Everything depends on preparation. During the ten days that are left before the Congress, I have to constantly prepare and attune myself to think, act, and feel precisely this way when I am there. It doesn’t matter when it will happen, today over here, or tomorrow over there. Time and place don’t mean anything. It’s an exercise for me to deliberately think today about what will happen tomorrow; this will help me later on, during the Congress, when all the conditions come together for attaining the required common effort.

This is very important and it determines everything. Later on it will get easier. It’s like preparing for war. If everything is ready and you are willing to do anything for spirituality, then you will see how everything will come together and happen exactly as you had hoped. If you made great efforts from the bottom of your heart, then everything will happen as you wish. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises. Everything will be good.

Imagine how a gang of thieves prepares in the darkness to go on a dangerous operation to rob a bank. Each of them feels that he depends on the rest, and thus he takes care of the rest. There’s a lot for us to learn from this example. The only difference is the goal. If the goal is egoistic and obvious, then it’s very easy and simple to unite. But if the goal is to attain bestowal, which lies above the individual egoistic desires of every person, then it is not easy at all.

Even the examples of our world demonstrate how useful unity can be. The only problem is that nothing can sustain unity besides the Upper Light. Unity can be sustained only by love.

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  1. May we get a tour by bus/car to visit Kabbalistic places or visit and touch Temple in Jerusalem during the Congress at night??

    I will appreciate your response!!
    Love you.

    P.S. 1. site with transportation offer does not work properly, sorry.
    2. I tried to ask few times questions regarding Congress using
    different directions and never get any feedback, Sorry again.
    Love you anyway

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