The Light Will Correct Us

lightwillThree questions I received about spiritual correction:

Question: As a student of Kabbalah, I naturally want to experience the sensation of the Creator, but it seems that the more important thing is being changed or corrected so that my desire is to bestow to others. I am uncertain about something. Is feeling the desire to bestow to others experiencing the sensation of the Creator, or is there more? Is experiencing the sensation of the Creator like a kind of “high” or euphoria?

My Answer: Even before acquiring the quality of bestowal you will sense the Creator slightly, from a distance.

Question: I understand that you need to have the need for correction deep in your heart and pray for it to happen. However, the more I look at the people surrounding me and their actions, the more I hate them. For example, I feel this way every time they play loud music at 4 a.m. or drop all kind of things on the ground, or are violent with each other. How can I love this society? I hate it completely, but on the other hand there’s the need for correction.

My Answer: It’s not them tormenting you. The Creator does this so you will turn your attention to Him!

Question: What should one do if he has no desire to function in his day to day life, such as at work?

My Answer:You should earn what is necessary for your sustenance, and leave it to the Light to perform the spiritual correction.

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