The Key From The Sacred Door To Myself

soul We need to understand what kind of power is hidden in The Book of Zohar. It is a tool or a means of salvation given to us – the only instrument capable of making a spiritual and material revolution in the world. If we understand its importance, then with its help we’ll be able to change ourselves and reality. We will be able to affect our fate, both for every individual and for all of us together.

All of this is in our hands. This book is a special key given to mankind to unlock the system of the forces governing it. We just need to learn how to use this key to open the sacred door – the gate to the spiritual system. Then the key will open it up for us!

Every word in The Book of Zohar should be understood as existing inside each of us. The text talks only about our internal world. When I read the phrase, “Let’s go to the Pharaoh,” I have to imagine that the Creator, Moses, and I are all together inside me. I need to feel what it means “to go there” – what desire or quality I will be approaching, which is called “the Pharaoh” or “the evil inclination.” And the force that will help me do this is called the Creator.

I am incapable of going directly to the Pharaoh because I see how great he is and how much he governs me. It is only by holding on to the Creator (or to the right line, bestowal, the Torah, the Upper Light) that I can get closer to the left line (evil, egoism) inside me. And instead of destroying it, I can break free from its power and rise above it.

Then I will convert the evil force to the good force and the good will govern me instead of the evil. All of this is possible only by studying The Book of Zohar. Each word in it portrays some quality of mine, a force, the relations between them, and the processes I am going though.

I have to imagine all of this as parts of my soul; I am studying my own internal, spiritual anatomy. My efforts to do this will attract the Upper Light that Reforms and brings me closer to Goodness.

So, with these aspirations in mind and heart, let’s read The Book of Zohar.

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