Roads Of Pleasantness

clip_image001The Zohar, Chapter “Metzorah (At The End),” Item 100: Therefore, we learned that when the Sabbath starts, all the wicked in hell rest, and they have freedom and rest. And when the Sabbath ends, we should evoke the upper joy upon ourselves, to be saved from the punishment of the wicked that are sentenced from that time forth. And we should awaken and say, “Let the pleasantness of the Lord our God be upon us.” This is the higher pleasantness, the joy of all, the Mochin de Yeshshut. And it is said about that, “Her ways are ways of pleasantness.”

“The wicked” refers to the desires that give us a feeling of being in “hell.” It is a sense of shame that is evoked because we recognize the property of bestowal, and in contrast to it, see our own uncorrected properties.

We have to learn to see each of our properties within such a state. The correction of our desires is impossible without sensing “hell” in each of our uncorrected properties, which are opposite to the Creator.

Therefore, when we’re able to recognize our uncorrected properties opposite to the Creator and arrive at correction, all roads turn into “roads of pleasantness.” We are the ones who decide that it’s so.

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