Our Faces Are As Different As Our Desires

каббалист Михаэль Лайтман A question I received: When I read The Zohar, can I convey my impression to others who are reading together with me?

My Answer: It is not an accident that we were created different. The Creator could have made us all the same and produced the same person over and over again. However, instead He created seven billion different people because otherwise it would be impossible to reach the state where we all unite 100% with all our heart and soul at the End of Correction, while maintaining our individuality. The differences allow us to reveal the gap between us in a deeper way. Our unification builds a bridge over those gaps and thereby reveals additional Light.

Although you and I unite with each other, become corrected, and filled with the Light, you will still sense it differently than I. This variance of sensations gives us additional desires to equalize on a higher degree and in a different dimension. This is how we advance.

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