Breaking The Wall Separating Me From Myself

bridge.jpg While reading The Zohar, we need to delve deeper into ourselves, searching internally for all the actions and qualities that it describes. These actions and qualities are actually found within our desire, but they are hidden from us. Thus, we need to reveal them.
The process of revealing them is similar to a machine that works within. It is as though we’re walking through a forest together looking for something that we’ve lost. Our whole group is walking through a forest, searching for a lost item that is very important to all of us.

We need to put forth effort and search inside ourselves, until we break this inner wall that is present in each of us, that separates us from spirituality. There is no other means to break through to the spiritual world, and The Zohar tells us about the world that exists behind that wall. If we wish to pass through it and we are attacking it together, this is the only way to break through it.

In fact, this wall is created in a person in opposition to his spiritual qualities. A person is an egoist and is found on one side of the wall. However, one also exists on the other side of the wall, but this is a completely opposite “I.” Therefore, we need to go from the egoistic “I” to the spiritual “I,” and this is only possible with each of us making our own efforts.

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