A Woman’s Role In This World And The Spiritual World

Perserverance Is the Key to Success A question I received: What intention should a woman have while studying The Book of Zohar? Should she try to find what the text is talking about within her? Should she desire for the book to influence her? Should she think about connecting with others or ask for the men’s unity? Or should she simply focus on supporting the men and disseminating, since studying is not as important for women?

My Answer: The most important thing for a woman is dissemination. But to do it she has to know what to disseminate, feel the importance of dissemination, and have the energy for it. Undoubtedly, for a woman dissemination is the only means of advancement. Otherwise, she is like a woman who does not give birth to children.

The role of a woman in our world is to give birth to offspring, and a man’s role is to provide the woman with everything she needs in order to give birth. That is, he has to build a house and give her everything that is necessary, provided it is for this purpose. This is how we are built and how we exist. A woman is the central point around which everything revolves because she gives birth, which is the most important act of our existence on earth.

Birth in spirituality is dissemination because this act facilitates spiritual birth. That is why it is the most important thing for a woman. However, in order to disseminate, she has to participate in the study process and study The Zohar. However, for her, all of this must be a means for dissemination.

With men, on the other hand, study, dissemination, and most important – unity, are all means for acquiring the right intention. That is how the male and female parts of creation complement each other.

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  1. I dont know what to do with my ego. i wish i can rid myself of it. i am constantly battaling with parts of myself. i am so tired of it. i have a problem with accepting my role in kabbalah only to disseminate. i have this believe that women can also achieve not only by helping men. maybe its feminism in me. i struggle. i am tired. sometimes i want to quit it all. but it rises within me like a wave. i feel like i know nothing. i am moving in the wrong direction. i have a lot of bad character trains and i am trying to overcome them. it is fighting a losing battle. all i am doing is feeding them and they arise bigger then before. i want to become empty of all the bull shit. but i know i am not worth it. yet.

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