What To Think About Before Reading The Zohar

bacteria.jpg When a person begins to read The Book of Zohar, oftentimes he is in a state of “sleeping” and from there he has to start attuning himself to reading and penetrating into the material. Depending on how correct a person’s intention is, how he positions himself, turns himself around and pushes in a particular direction, he will move further in the right direction as he reads the book. Therefore, it is important to tear one’s feelings and thoughts away from all earthly matters and refocus them on the manner in which The Zohar is written.

There are many ways to “organize” yourself and prepare for reading the text of The Zohar. Here is one of them:

Only one thing was created: the desire to be filled by the Light (the Creator). This desire, inside a person, can be filled by making yourself greater, higher, stronger, and more powerful than other people. Alternatively, the same desire can also be filled outside of you, by fulfilling others. In that case, the more you fulfill others, the more you are filled with the sensation of others’ fulfillment. By measuring this fulfillment inside of you, you yourself are fulfilled.

In both cases you use the thickness of the desire, all five levels (or layers) of it, but you either do so for your own sake or for the sake of others. The Zohar tells us about the sensations that are felt in the desire to bestow. The Zohar says that the desire to fulfill yourself is unnatural, because what’s natural is the Creator. The Creator, the quality of bestowal is contrary to the way we have become used to feeling because we were born with this perception.

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