What Is So Special About Studying The Book Of Zohar?

Spiritual Time and Movement The study of The Book of Zohar requires general efforts in the desire and the thought (the heart and the mind) in order to unite everything we studied before in the science of Kabbalah about creation, the group and the world, the Creator, the perception of reality, the direct and indirect influence and governance from Above, the singularity of the governing force and its goal, and many other components.

Obviously, when a person starts to study this book, he cannot unite all of these things into one right away. Yet he has to try to do it. The descriptions in The Book of Zohar facilitate this and compel us to do it. By focusing all the possible descriptions of the only forces in nature – the desire and the Light – it’s as if we pass through a needle’s eye, through our point in the heart, the point of our efforts, and after passing this pressure we enter the boundless, Light-filled world of the Creator.

Therefore, it is impossible to start reading The Zohar immediately. A preparation is necessary in order for a person’s heart and soul to absorb everything the science of Kabbalah speaks of, all of its demands, opinions, and outlook on life and the world. All of this must form one’s heart and come together into a specific feeling that Kabbalah has toward the world. Then one will be able to correctly perceive everything that The Zohar tells him.

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