There Is No Mysticism In The Science Of Kabbalah

nomysticism Spiritual development through the method of Kabbalah is similar to our development in this world. Just as a child doesn’t understand how he grows, so we don’t understand how our spiritual development occurs. A child has to break everything, make mistakes, fall, cry, and go through childhood illnesses; without this he cannot grow up. This is a real and natural process, and it is the same with spiritual development. There is no place for mysticism.

Because the Upper Degree is hidden from me, I have to exert effort like a child, without understanding or feeling my following state. Then I will acquire or “find” the spiritual world. It is like a child who works, grows, and becomes smarter.

This is how we can intentionally activate the mechanism that connects us with spirituality, the Creator. This mechanism influences us indirectly, through alternative paths, in order to connect the spiritual and the material forms. We have to use this existing Upper Mechanism of connection between our world and the Upper Worlds.

The science of Kabbalah uses a strictly realistic, scientific approach. We invoke a real system; anything else would be mysticism.

When we look at how a child grows up, it might seem mystical. Show a newborn to someone from another planet and tell him that the newborn will grow up to be Napoleon; the alien creature won’t believe you because it seems illogical – how will that baby suddenly become smarter?

However, a child plays and learns through the game. Kabbalists have prepared a very similar kind of game for us. However, this is a very serious game that includes many stages, and it is not mysticism. In the science of Kabbalah, there is a connection that exists between the Upper Level and the lower level, between the one who develops and the one who develops him.

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