The Zohar Restores Us To Consciousness

Kabbalists Aren't Interested in History A person is a small world. The entire world – the universe and everything I see around me – is inside me. All of this only exists within my desire. Therefore, reaching the final correction (Gmar Tikkun) means fully opening my desire to every possible sensation. I have to increase my desire to the maximum, and to feel in it all that there is to feel. That will constitute the end of my correction.

Right now I see people, animals, vehicles and stars around me. In reality, they are all my own desires, divided into the still, vegetative, animate and human levels. I have to attach them all to me and feel them within me, in addition to several other worlds that have yet to be revealed to me. I will have to include all of that in my inner perception. Then my reality won’t be separated into internal and external forms; I will perceive it as a single whole.

There is only my desire, and nothing else exists. The desire is comprised of qualities called David, Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Josef, the right and left lines, the brook that flows out of the Garden of Eden, Ima, Bina, Paradise above and Hell below, and many others. All of these things exist inside my desire. It is impossible to imagine or think of anything outside the desire because the desire is the Creator’s sole creation.

I have to begin to acquaint myself with my desire. Indeed, I live inside of it at this very moment, but I am unaware of that fact. I always use the desire and it, in turn, controls me. My entire life is like a hamster wheel, but I am not even conscious of this.

That is why I am studying The Zohar – since it restores me to consciousness.

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