The Five Boundaries Of Our Internal Feelings

ourIn the News (from The University of British Columbia): “Tactile input affects what we hear: UBC study” Humans use their whole bodies, not just their ears, to understand speech, according to University of British Columbia linguistics research. It is well known that humans naturally process facial expression along with what is being heard to fully understand what is being communicated. The UBC study is the first to show we also naturally process tactile information to perceive sounds of speech.

In the News (from Scientific American): “Tasting the Light: Device Lets the Blind “See” with Their Tongues” A pair of sunglasses wired to an electric “lollipop” helps the visually impaired regain optical sensations via a different pathway. Now, a new device trades on that thinking and aims to partially restore the experience of vision for the blind and visually impaired by relying on the nerves on the tongue’s surface to send light signals to the brain.

My Comment: The above confirms what Kabbalah teaches about perception of reality – that the entire world exists inside us; our senses are no more than the display of five boundaries of our internal feelings.

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