The Creator Hears A Woman’s Desire

What is True Prayer Nukvah (the female desire) receives everything from Zeir Anpin (her husband), including the Light of Correction that turns her into a vessel (Kli) at night, and the Light of Fulfillment that fills her when she attains the state of adulthood and receives Light for the sake of bestowal, a state called day. The daylight hours are different states when she receives Light for the sake of bestowal to varying degrees.

Time is a change of illumination inside Nukvah, depending on her ability to unite with Zeir Anpin and the amount of Light of Correction that she receives from him. Time is the stages of Nukvah’s correction, which she must gradually go through. Nukvah does not determine what stage she is going through, but only the rate at which the changes take place.

Morning is always followed by afternoon, and afternoon is followed by evening, and then by night. This order is impossible to change. However, the rate of how quickly these states will come to replace one another depends only on her request (Hitaruta de-Letata – “awakening from below). Nothing will come from Above unless she desires it.

This is the law operating in the spiritual world, governing the relationships of the Upper Level with the lower level, the Creator and the creation. And we observe the same thing in our world. It seems to us that the male desire rules the world, but in reality, everything is determined by the woman’s desire. It is her desire that causes all the changes in the world.

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  1. Please know the Zohar lessons have become essential to me and my practice is to watch the Daily Lesson at 4:30 am EST. Frankly, I’m in tears because the lesson isn’t up yet — (I started looking at 2:00 am and it’s now 6:36 am — typically the Media Archive makes them available almost immediately after broadcast.)

    I was at the Buffalo Congress and you stressed how important it is to watch the lesson within 24 hours of broadcast to help build and participate in the connection.

    I’m deeply grateful for my distress over the missing lessons. It is impossible for me to adequately express my gratitude for you and your organization. Thank you. Thanks to the Zohar lessons, my tears become more and more worthy.

    And while I have the ear of someone, I was also distressed to find out that on Dec 26th ONLY the Zohar lesson was posted. Often I go to sleep with the Daily Lesson Broadcasting live because it infiltrates my dreams and I woke up at some point that night when you were talking about mankind’s consciousness being ready for revelation. I really wanted to hear everything.

    Thank you for listening.

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