Spirituality Is Discovered Unexpectedly, Like An Amazing Find

escalator.jpg A question I received: Kabbalah says that people should not practice mysticism, but should treat everything taking place from a realistic standpoint. On the other hand, the method of Kabbalah is based on “miracles” from Above – things that are incomprehensible and irrational, as you have explained. How do these two things mesh together?

My Answer: We are situated in one part of nature – the material part, which is severed from the other part of nature – the spiritual part. It takes efforts to unite with the spiritual part, but if we make them, we will make a “discovery” of the unity that is there.

This resembles a miracle because we do not see the connection between our efforts and the spiritual revelation. If we knew what this connection is, we would clearly understand how many efforts we have to make in order to acquire what we want.


However, this connection seems not to exist, because we exist inside the quality of reception, egoism, and we don’t feel the quality of bestowal in this state.

We don’t perform actions of bestowal and we have no evident contact with the spiritual world. Yet, there is a system that we activate with our egoistic actions which we make in order to reach the spiritual world; this system draws the Light that Reforms, Ohr Makif, upon us. This is a system of connection between ourselves – egoism, and the spiritual world – bestowal, and it is described by the verse, “I labored and found.”

We are cut off from spirituality and we don’t aspire to it at all. We imagine spirituality in the form of a profit or a great find rather than the quality of bestowal. However, even this kind of incentive is able to gradually draw the Light that Reforms upon us. As a result, we begin to have a greater desire for the spiritual quality of bestowal.

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