Sorting Out Our Desires

economics We have many desires and we have to sort them out. We can connect a part of the desires to bestowal, to the neighbor in the following way. Even though I understand that all of my desires are aimed at self-gratification, and I don’t have any other desires besides this, I am still able to use them for the sake of connecting with other souls – I can work with them in the middle line, in the screen De Hirik.

On one hand, it is a desire to receive pleasure, but on the other hand, I can work with it for the sake of bestowal. I connect the right and left lines, using their connection for the sake of connecting with the neighbor. This is called “praying for the public,” a prayer that I raise up and receive in response a force from Above enabling me to create the right connection. It is within my capability to desire for this to happen; I can raise a MAN and receive a force called “the key” (Miftecha) that lets me reveal the heavens – the Upper World.

Besides this, there are other desires or parts of desires that I cannot connect to others. I can only do so to a limit, but no farther. That is why I sever these desires or parts of desires and throw them out. I don’t work with them for now, even though later on I may have the forces to do so because I will see that by not using them for the sake of connecting with other souls, I lose out greatly and cause harm. For now however, I don’t realize the evil in them; I only see that I am unable to work with them and therefore, I simply discard them.

As for the desires that I am able to use for the sake of connecting with the neighbor, I work with them in partnership. This partnership is called “the screen De Hirik.”

This is how a person always works inside himself, sorting out his desires, forces and qualities, and unifying them into different groups in order to constantly create a special attitude to the neighbor from them. But while it seems to him that he is relating to the neighbor, he always reveals that in reality this is a part of him. This way, he tries to ascend from this imaginary picture to the spiritual world, where he reveals that we are all connected into one body of the common soul.

This is the condition of revealing the Creator, the Upper Force – we have to become “one man with one heart.”

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