Never Stop Increasing Your Spiritual Desire

destiny So far we have developed “automatically,” because Reshimot awakened inside us and thus continuously pulled and pushed us toward different goals. In spirituality, the mechanism operates differently; there, everything depends on your awakening.

You have been awakened and have felt a burning desire. Thus you applied efforts and advanced accordingly. But if you don’t add pressure now, you will remain in the same place. Years of study do not guarantee you success if they are not accompanied by efforts on your part.

In regular life we rush for success as soon as we get up in the morning without anyone urging us to do so, but it does not work the same way in spirituality. Even though you receive an awakening, this is not enough. Now you have to add something of your own to it. You have to acquire a burning desire from the books and the group in order to strengthen your initial impulse using your friends’ desires. That is the only way you will move forward.

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