Looking At Ourselves Compared To The Creator Is Not A Pretty Sight

Why Do We Feel Suffering A question I received: What is the breaking of the Kelim, when the Creator’s qualities penetrate into the qualities of the created being?

My Answer: I am created as a receiver and I only understand fulfillment. The Upper Light has influenced me and suppressed me – it showed me the quality of bestowal and instilled shame for my egoism. This was all done to me by the force of the Light. When I see the Light, I am willing to imitate it. However, inside I remain the same as I was previously.

It is as though I find myself in a profound group of people who talk about music, literature, and art, and I also want to be like them. I am proud of myself and when I think back to how I was before I came here, I feel ashamed. But then I leave there and see that everything is allowed: there are no shameful desires, it’s ok to lie and engage in all kinds of filth, and therefore I also begin to think and act this way, thinking that this is the truth of life.

In other words, the created being was under the influence of the Light, but this is not his inner essence; this is not the correction. We need darkness in order to begin to shine like Light, and to correct all of the filth within creation. The egoistic desire which was initially opposite to the Creator needs to be corrected, not just restricted.

So how can the created being be fooled into doing this and forced to reveal itself? It is as though you bug someone continuously until he shows his true colors. This is precisely what happens to the creation when the breaking of the Kelim (qualities) occurs.

However, the creation doesn’t know anything about this yet. It exists under the influence of the Light. It is as though I attach myself to a good group of people and then I also start to feel worthy, respectable, and clean. Then suddenly I am given some kind of assignment, and the whole truth is revealed – everyone finds out who I am. Imagine what shame I experience from this! I wanted to do the same thing they do: to receive for the sake of bestowal, but when it came down to business, all my evil became revealed.

The Creator and the created being are situated next to each other, and they are separated by a thin barrier called Parsa. If we break this wall, then creation will reveal all the evil that is in it, compared to all the goodness that exists in the Light. It seemed that they were near each other, but suddenly the wall (Parsa) between them broke and they now stand face to face!

You then see how kind and bestowing the Creator is – but look at yourself! Without this revelation of your nature in contrast to the Creator, we cannot achieve similarity to Him.

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