Let The Zohar Take You To A Wonderland Of Desires

light.jpg As we study The Zohar, we should concentrate only on the inner picture where everything connects together. We have to dive inside and not think about anything that remains outside. We should be completely immersed in this book, as if we have entered a wonderland and are travelling around it, wishing to see and learn everything that is there.

We hear voices, see different colors, and we don’t understand what is going on here, who affects us and how. We have entered a world of our desires and qualities, and we are wandering between them. For example, it’s like those movies where the camera penetrates inside a person’s body and travels around the blood vessels, showing everything that is taking place from within. Similarly, we penetrate within ourselves and become surrounded by our desires. We enter a world that consists of our own qualities and desires, as well as Lights, Kelim and screens, which we have to imagine.

We can imagine them as if we exist inside them and they surround us all around. Or we can imagine that they are inside us and we are always digging inside them trying to understand them better.

We can imagine it in different ways, but the most important thing is not to tie it to our ordinary reality of today. However, later we will discover that this reality is also felt inside us.

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