Learning To Feel The Spiritual World Through The Zohar

Heb5.jpgWhen we read The Zohar we encounter many notions that we do not understand. With time, we will begin to recognize what they are, but actually this is not very important. The process of studying The Zohar is similar to how a baby always sees a lot of new, unknown things around him. He does not know what they are intended for, yet he becomes acquainted with the world even without knowing how he does this, instinctively and simply.

In the same manner we shouldn’t be afraid of not understanding something that we read and not knowing how one thing relates to another. We just have to listen and “touch” everything, and have a burning desire to understand. This is the only way to get to know anything in our world as well as the spiritual world.

Later on when we read the Torah, we will see where all these images came from, why one name is mentioned first and then another, or why different quotations are used. We will understand what spiritual actions and qualities are being described and what force operates at each degree (such as Josef, Jacob, Abraham, Moses, and so on).

The Zohar in particular and the science of Kabbalah in general appeal to these internal forces we have inside us. Thus, little by little we begin familiarizing ourselves with our qualities. As these qualities develop, it becomes possible for us to work with them, to organize them and use them properly.

One’s degree of vitality in the spiritual world is measured by how familiar that world is to him and by the level of one’s acquaintance with it. Therefore, the more we will know and feel, the more significant our spiritual life will be, and the greater the degree of our spiritual awareness and existence. That is how we will advance.

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