How To Attain The Revelation Of The Book Of Zohar

attainrevelation The Zohar is a revelation of our true state. This revelation occurs to the extent that we are similar to what is concealed, to the degree that we acquire the quality that is similar to the concealed, spiritual world. The Book of Zohar becomes revealed to us to the extent that we acquire the intention to bestow, and if we don’t acquire it, the book will forever remain a mystery.

Kabbalah advises us to check: do we desire to bestow? We should check whether we have the aspiration to unite all the desires for bestowal of all of our friends. Their unified desire will be the revelation of the Upper Degree – the Creator.

Each of us, regardless of where he is, should rule out everything else and desire only to rise above our world, to unite and feel that we are all “one man with one heart.” This is the only way we can achieve unification and a mutual guarantee, and thus reveal the Upper World inside this quality.

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