He Who Gave Birth To Us Must Help Us

roots Malchut is incapable of being corrected on its own, since it is an inanimate desire. However, when it mixes with Bina (with the Nekudot de-SAG which descend under the Tabur of Galgalta), it takes on its qualities and begins to realize, “I want to bestow, I want to ascend and be corrected, and to become similar to the Creator!” This is how Malchut with the inclusion of sparks of Bina, sparks of bestowal, is formed under the Tabur.

However, during this inclusion, Bina receives Malchut inside itself and thereby separates into two parts: the upper part – Galgalta ve Eynaim, which is the pure Bina, and the lower part – ZAT de-Bina, Rechem (womb), or Ima (mother), which understands what kind of desires exist below.

The upper level contains a part of the lower level, and the lower level contains a part of the upper level. Stated differently, Bina contains a small part of Malchut and Malchut contains a small part of Bina. Now they can understand each other. Their relationship is analogous to a mother and a baby, where a mother understands what her baby is crying about, and a baby knows that there is someone to cry to. He instinctively feels that someone gave birth to him and is obligated to care for him.

If this did not occur, then the space beneath Tabur of Galgalta would forever remain empty and the creature (the will to receive) would never reach the goal – bestowal to the Creator. This is why each of our thoughts and desires contains a part of Bina and a part of Malchut. After all, if we only contained the part of Malchut, our world would be dead. All progress and development comes from Bina.

Even scientists are now discovering that when cells separate or when any other development occurs, there are altruistic actions taking place. There are always two opposite forces acting in Nature: the Creator and the creation, a plus and a minus. The inclusion of Bina inside Malchut is what enables creation to not remain locked in complete darkness and to begin moving in the direction of the Light. It’s because it gives creation an inner sensation that “There is someone who must help me!”

In much the same way, a newborn feels that the mother is obligated to care for him. He cries and yells because he knows that someone is reacting to him. He isn’t just crying empty tears, but directing them at someone.

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  1. Placing Bina inside of Malchut is like placing onboard navigation or an auto reset button so that when one gets lost or comes to the end of theirselves, however many decents they experience, they can always cry out for help.

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