Establishing The Connection With Our Spritual “I”

Laitman_2009-07-30_2156_usThe notions used in the science of Kabbalah differ from anything we are accustomed to in our ordinary life. In Kabbalah, “the Creator” is a force of bestowal, the universal force of Nature. We exist in Nature, in the Creator, and we have to ask Nature for help to rise above our own “knowledge,” above the quality of reception.

A person wants to receive for his own sake and to fulfill himself with everything that seems attractive. At a certain stage however, he starts analyzing himself and then sees that his never-ending strategy for self-fulfillment is futile. He grows tired of the pursuit, feels that it’s fake and that it leads nowhere. He realizes that there is something higher out there than constant thoughts of how to fulfill oneself and being enslaved to these thoughts.

A person then comes to a place where he demands that the Creator replace this quality so he can start living above his nature and above his body, which controls him and forces him to receive. He begins to set other goals and seek new horizons, since he now desires contact with the Upper Force, the force of bestowal.

He wants his inner emptiness to be filled by that Force, to receive the answers to his questions from that reliable, eternal and perfect Source. He needs to feel that he is doing things that are truly worthwhile. One realizes that prior to this realization, he  was mistaken and was thrown around from one desire to another. But now he desires the authentic knowledge about life and about the world in which he lives.

However, he still lives in a body, not in the soul, and one’s “animalistic” mind thinks only about the bodily needs. In order to receive an answer from the Creator, one needs to open up a new desire above the body, above one’s “animal.”

One has to reach a higher dimension and establish a connection between his spiritual “I” and the Creator – the eternal Force that governs him and everyone around.

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