Ego Recognition Is An Important First Step

recognition A question I received: What should I do if I’m not bothered by the fact that I hate everyone and wish to use everyone to satisfy my own desires?

My Answer: Keep going. Reaching this realization is a great accomplishment. But now ask yourself: Along with your hatred, do you understand that it is purposeless, useless, and harmful to you? Do you understand that the goal lies on the other side of creation? You have to reach a mental understanding that the goal of creation is not inside you, but it pertains to what is outside of you.

Our problem is that we tend to forget about one single element: the Upper Light, the Upper Force. Everything we do – including the studies, dissemination, and work in the group – is necessary only to draw the Upper Light, instead of to gain more knowledge or feelings. Only the Light changes us and takes us through the necessary thoughts and feelings.

This is how we advance toward the goal. We don’t need wisdom; we just need to attract the Light that Reforms. This is why we have to arrange an environment around us that will always give us the necessary support. Then we will be able to see that only the Light – a force outside of us – can save us.

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